How to give full play to concealer concealer skills

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How to give full play to concealer concealer skills

You know what is the essence of make-up? Beauty skin care experts suggest that the key to make-up is to conceal the skin. Concealer as one of the beauty tools, there is a great concealer skills, but the use of concealer pay attention to ways and methods, the following describes the specific use of concealer.
How to give full play to concealer concealer skills
One, bid farewell to dark circles
1, how to choose: cover dark circles to choose the color of the Concealer products, warm, slightly deep or similar to the color is the best color to cover the dark circles.
2, Concealer skills:
Makeup: dark circles are often larger area, in the foundation before the wine to the dark circles for Concealer effect will be more overall. It is best to choose a slightly deeper than the skin concealer to completely cover the dark circles, and then the whole face in the whole face on the foundation.
Do not make-up: If you do not make-up, the face is nothing to hide, so the eyes of the concealer must not be too heavy, with a concealer in the dark circles of the location of a thin cover. If the dark circles can not be completely hidden when the hidden flap pen in the dark circles at the bottom of the location of the painting several times back and forth, so you can easily reduce the dark circles.
Tips: plenty of sleep is the dark way to completely disappear the best way. If it is often necessary to stay up all night, you can sleep before the mashed horseshoe, lotus root deposited around the eyes, so that you can greatly reduce the chance of dark circles.
Second, let acne invisible
1, how to choose: If it is a new reddish acne, it is best to use partial green Concealer products and red, and then use the same color and concealer pen cover. The color of the smallpox is often deeper, so be sure to use the texture of the concealer products to cover acne.
How to give full play to concealer concealer skills
2, Concealer skills:
Makeup: acne is often not particularly large, after the foundation with concealer products to cover the effect will be better. First face evenly coated with a good foundation, and then with the same color Concealer pen point in the acne position on it.
Do not make-up: the use of Concealer pen point acne position, and then use your fingers in these places gently press, let the natural fusion with the surrounding skin, and then in the acne position for the second concealer.
Tips: the mung bean powder and water together into a paste, and then evenly applied to the cheeks on the cheeks, 15 to 20 minutes after the wash with water to clean the face. 2 to 3 times a week, can effectively prevent the production of acne Oh.
Third, the disappearance of bags under the eyes
1, how to choose: pouch swollen eyes will often form a shadow below the eyes, so it is best to use some of the darker than the skin concealer products.
2, Concealer skills:
Makeup: first in the face evenly coated on the foundation, and then in the use of lighter than the foundation of the concealer or concealer in the shadow of the bottom of the bag under the eyes of a simple cover on it.
Do not make-up: with a slightly lighter than the skin of the concealer in the shadow of the bottom of the bag under the cover of a layer, and then use the fingers to push the concealer products, let it with the surrounding color together.
Tips: just get up when the fasting drink a cup of black coffee, can play a very good role in swelling. Or with potato chips deposited in the bags under the eyes of about 5 minutes, so that not only can prevent the emergence of bags under the eyes, but also can help you eliminate dark circles Oh.
The above is the use of concealer recommended. Experts suggest that there are many styles of concealer on the market, the selection of better quality Concealer, the beauty effect will be better. Concealer use a lot, if your skin is flawed, may wish to learn the correct use of concealer.


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