Dyeing eyebrow cream and eyebrow pencil which is good and the difference between eyebrows

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Dyeing eyebrow cream and eyebrow pencil which is good and the difference between eyebrows
Dyed cream, which is used in the eyebrows on a make-up tools, and eyebrows and eyebrows, like, are on the makeup of the function, to see the eyebrow cream and eyebrow pencil which is good? What are the differences between the eyebrow cream and the eyebrow cream?
Dyed cream and eyebrow pen which is good:
In fact, this can not be compared, because the role of the two is not the same, to draw the eyebrows after the eyebrow cream and then color, no eyebrow pencil, only dyed cream is no use, but if you do not pursue fine eyebrow Of the words, do not dye eyebrow cream only eyebrow pencil is possible
Eyebrow pencil is more suitable for beginners, eyebrows are also easier to control, you can choose with eyebrow brush eyebrow pencil, first with a pencil draw a eyebrows, and then use the eyebrow brush to sort out it is very natural; Easy to cause "embroidery" illusion, so when the thrush to pay attention to flexible use. Meimei is my favorite with a shape of the eyebrow shape of the product, the use of eyebrow cream is quite flexible, with eyebrow pencil, dyed cream, eyebrow gel with the use of attention, pay attention to the use of eyebrow cream level. Dyeing eyebrow cream, with the eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder with a flexible use, but to choose the color of the same series of products, you can create three-dimensional eyebrows, but the eyebrow cream is easy to smear uneven agglomeration, so when used Be careful
Dyeing cream and eyebrow powder difference:
1, dyed cream
Dyeing ointment, as the name suggests, is dyed with, and is creamy, so dyed cream are generally easier to color, the general eyebrow cream is used in the eyebrow pencil, because the first eyebrow pencil eyebrow type. Dye ointment is the main role of dyed eyebrows, for example, relatively thick black eyebrows can generally use light-colored dyed cream to dye, so that after drawing the eyebrows will not be too heavy. And if the eyebrows are more sparse, then with a little dark eyebrow cream can make eyebrows look more uniform and dense. In addition, the use of dyed cream can make eyebrows more three-dimensional.
2, eyebrow effect
In fact, began to learn to make up the time, if not too use eyebrow pencil, you can directly use the eyebrow powder, but in advance to repair the eyebrow type. In general, we are also eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder together to use, eyebrow pencil general eyebrow type, eyebrow powder make up some no color of the gap, making eyebrows look more uniform. Similarly, with eyebrow pencil drawn eyebrows are generally blunt, but with eyebrows after making eyebrows more full, in fact, eyebrows are generally people who do not need to use eyebrow powder, eyebrow powder is more suitable for eyebrows more sparse people.
3, the difference between the two
In fact, through the above description, we dyed cream and eyebrow powder must also have a general understanding. To say the difference between the eyebrow cream and eyebrow pencil, the biggest feature is that the cream eyebrow paste is creamy, it is easy to color, generally used to dye eyebrow; but the eyebrow powder is silty, the color is relatively low, Not easy to color, and not so lasting. So in this regard, the dye eyebrow cream is much better than the eyebrow powder. But if it is convenient, in fact, we can eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, dyed cream combination of three, because eyebrow pencil eyebrow type, in fact, there are some gaps, fill with eyebrow powder, and finally dyed cream Brush, making eyebrows more three-dimensional, so perfect.
On the difference between the eyebrow cream eyebrow cream and eyebrow pencil to introduce here, or to choose their own needs.


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